What Makes Your Home Sell?

Accurate Market Pricing

Pricing Model



Our team leverages the same data that appraisers, banks, and buyers use to correctly price a property. We review every detail with you to get a true 'apples to apples' comparison between your home and its competition, both current and past. We will also prepare you with a few pricing strategies that blend expected interest, risk and timing. This helps to empower you to understand where your home sits in the current market and to make good decisions regarding which pricing strategy to choose to meet your long-term goals.

Diligent Seller Preparation

  • The Basics – Homespotless. Lawnmowed. Clutterremoved. Carpetscleaned. Odorsgone
  • Living Room – Open up the living room by moving furniture and removing unnecessary items.
  • Kitchen – Clear counters, refrigerator art and magnets. Add a plant or fresh flowers. Leave small appliances if used daily.
  • Bedrooms – Depersonalize by removing photos, posters and personal items to make buyers feel comfortable.
  • Bathrooms – Think “hotel.” Add fresh new towels and remove all personal itemsno toothbrushes!
  • Storage – Organize closets, laundry room, mudroom and storage areas.
  • Repair – Patch holes and paint walls and ceilings where needed. Replace broken tiles, re-caulk sinks and tubs.
  • Colors – Tone down brightly painted rooms. Not all buyers appreciate hot pink, purple or red.
  • Brighten – Replace low-watt light bulbs with brighter ones. Clean windows. Open curtains.
  • Pets – Put away toys, clean litter boxes, deodorize carpets. Take pets with you when house is shown.
  • Outside – Think curb appeal! Paint the front door. Pressure wash the driveway, sidewalks, decks and patio. Add a few shrubs, flowers and fresh mulch. Put away garden tools, hoses, toys and bikes. Remove dead or tired plants.
  • Garage – Remove as many extras as possible. Tools, lawn equipment and bikes are great - this is Colorado, after all. Buyers would feel weird if there were no bikes in place! Leave room for at least one car. Make it look spacious!

Aggressive Marketing

We sell our Listings Faster and for More Money. It's that Simple.

We leverage our market knowledge and strong Internet Marketing background to launch a mini 'Shock and Awe' campaign for each listing. We know it sounds cheesy, but cheese does sell.

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